Peruvian rainforest wildlife sounds on the Internet

This video is called Tambopata – Peruvian Amazon – Wildlife short film by Daniel Pinheiro.

From Wildlife Extra:

Peruvian eco lodge records sounds of rainforest

Thanks to the latest technology, you can enjoy the sounds of the Peruvian rainforest in your living room. Gordon McGladdery, a musician and sound designer from Canada used a method of recording sound that uses what are called binaural microphones to mimic human hearing and create a 3-D stereo effect.

At Rainforest Expeditions’ three riverside eco-lodges in the Peruvian Amazon, McGladdery’s very high tech equipment was set up to capture the sound experience for everyone. He recorded the resident howler monkeys, Lawrence’s thrush and a colony of bats, among other animals.

“This is the next best thing to being here!” said Jeff Cremer from Rainforect Expeditions. “Holidays here transport people far beyond what they have ever imagined. Now the exotic sounds that stop them in their tracks can follow them home.”

For recorded examples, including the dramatic sound of a herd of charging peccaries, go to

For more information on Rainforest Expeditions visit

How Scientists Research Macaws In This Peruvian Rainforest: here.

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