New toad species discovery in Peru

This 2015 video is called Rhinella yunga distress vocalization.

From Wildlife Extra:

A new toad species found in Peru

January 2014: A new, poisonous, species of toad, Rhinella yunga, has been discovered hiding in the leafy undergrowth of the Peruvian Yungas, a tropical and subtropical forest in the Yungas of Peru.

Belonging to the toad family Bufonidae it has a typical warty, robust body and a pair of large poison parotoid glands on the back of its head. When the toads are stressed they excrete the poison as a protective mechanism.

The colour of the Rhinella yunga resembles the decaying leaves in the forest, making it perfectly camouflaged on the forest floor. It is distinct from all related species in absence of a tympanic membrane, a round membranous part of hearing organ being normally visible on both sides of a toad’s head.

“It appears that large number of still unnamed cryptic species remains hidden under some nominal species of the Rhinella margaritifera species group,” explains lead author Dr Jiri Moravec, National Museum Prague, Czech Republic.

See also British daily The Guardian on this, here.

The scientific description of this new species is here (the Guardian article link to the description does not work).

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