Good snow leopard news

This video is called THE SNOW LEOPARD – the illegal trade /hidden cameras…

From Wildlife Extra:

Good news for snow leopard

Snow leopard to benefit from new global initiative

November 2013: In a bid to save the snow leopard officials representing 12 central and South Asian countries came together in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan to endorse a global initiative to conserve critical ecosystems in high-mountain landscapes inhabited by this iconic, endangered cat.

The countries; Republic of Afghanistan, the Kingdom of Bhutan, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of India, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Nepal, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, and the Republic of Uzbekistan, worked with international and non-governmental environmental and conservation organizations, including the Snow Leopard Conservancy.

“I deeply appreciate the fact that our initiative to organize a Global Snow Leopard Forum in Bishkek was supported by the range countries as well as by international and non-governmental environmental organizations. By endorsing Bishkek Declaration on Snow Leopard Conservation and the Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Recovery Program range countries are committing to scaling up joint snow leopard conservation efforts,” said Almazbek Atambayev, President of the Kyrgyz [Republic]. “If we do not take decisive measures to protect the snow leopard today, we will forever loose this priceless animal, a true gift of nature. I am confident that together we will be able to achieve the goal we set – to protect our beautiful nature and the symbol of our mountains, the snow leopard.”

The agreement is called the Bishkek Declaration and the 12 countries promise a multifaceted approach that will include engaging local communities in conservation, promote sustainable livelihoods and address human-wildlife conflict; combating poaching and illegal trade networks, seeking to manage habitats on a landscape level, working with industry and enterprises that operate in snow leopard habitats and establishing a core secretariat to coordinate conservation activities, monitor program implementation, and mobilize financial resources for the program.

It is hoped that by 2020 they would have identified and secured at least 20 healthy landscapes of snow leopards across the cat’s range.

10 thoughts on “Good snow leopard news

    • Yes, the anti snow leopard crime mentioned in the video is really sad. However, that the countries where snow leopards live have now decided to work together for conservation is better news.


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