Conservation awards, 2015

This video is about greater adjutant storks in India.

From BirdLife:

Conservation Leadership Programme awards 2015

By Martin Fowlie, Wed, 15/04/2015 – 13:34

In this, its 30th anniversary year, the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) has announced the winners of the 2015 team Conservation Awards.  It is granting 22 awards this year worth a total of $300,480 including 19 Future Conservationist Awards, 2 Conservation Follow-Up Awards and 1 Conservation Leadership Award.

Upon hearing the news of the award, new grantee Purnima Devi Barman from India wrote, “I think no news than this can be better in my life. Thanks a lot to you and entire CLP team for supporting our future works through this leadership project.”

Purnima’s project focuses on promoting the coexistence of people and the Endangered Greater Adjutant stork in India. It is the third grant for the project with it now being granted a Conservation Leadership award.

“This is an incredible CLP project that has broken through complicated societal barriers using the language of conservation. The respect now bestowed to these quirky birds is testament to how effectively the team promoted within all parts of the community”, said Kiragu Mwangi, Conservation Leadership Programme Manager.

Many congratulations to all of the awarded teams. One member from each team will be invited to attend the CLP International Training Course in Canada later this year. This two week course is a fantastic opportunity for conservationists from around the world to receive training in high priority topics and create a peer to peer network. Winning a CLP award also gives a team access to the CLP alumni network which offers more opportunities for funding, training and learning exchanges.

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The awarded projects are as follows:

Future Conservationist Awards

Conservation Follow-Up Awards

  • Conserving Angolan scarp forests: a holistic approach for Kumbira Forest
  • Reducing human-snow leopard conflict in Upper Spiti Valley, India.

Conservation Leadership Award

  • Enabling the coexistence of people and greater adjutant in India

The CLP is a unique partnership between BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International and Wildlife Conservation Society. The mission of the CLP is to advance biodiversity conservation globally by building the leadership capabilities of early-career conservation professionals working in places with limited capacity to address high-priority conservation issues.

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