Rare snow leopards filmed in China

This video says about itself:

BBC News Rare sighting of snow leopards

June 29, 2013

Three snow leopards have been spotted in the Yushu hills in central China.

The animals are endangered, which makes seeing three of them in one place all the more surprising.

Susana Mendonsa reports.

Wildlife Extra writes about this:

Rare footage of snow leopards

July 2013. An incredibly rare piece of video footage has emerged from China, where a video of three snow leopards together in the same place has been captured.

The video of the leopards was captured in the mountains of Yushu Autonomous Province on the border of Tibet. To put this in context, the first photo of a snow leopard in the wild wasn’t taken until the renowned naturalist George Shaller

sic; George Schaller

snapped on[e] in 1970.

There are thought to be a maximum 7000 snow leopards alive in the world, though some estimates go as low as a half of that, spread across and around the Himalayas and nearby mountain ranges in Central Asia.

July 2013. An international research team encounters a 2-week-old wild snow leopard cub in its den; a rare glimpse of the first days in the life of these endangered, elusive cats. Before locating the den site, the team had been tracking the cub’s mother – and its probable father – with GPS collars for several months as part of the Snow Leopard Trust’s pioneer long-term snow leopard study in Mongolia’s South Gobi desert: here.

July 2013. The global demand for cashmere garments is making fashion victims of endangered snow leopards (Panthera uncial) and other native large mammals in Central Asia, reveals new research published in the scientific journal Conservation Biology: here.

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