Dutch she-wolf was from eastern Europe

This video from the USA is called National Geographic Documentary Wild – Wild Yellowstone She Wolf HD.

Translated from Algemeen Dagblad daily in the Netherlands:

Luttelgeest wolf came from Eastern Europe

Edited by: editors

7-8-13 – 17:01 Source: ANP news agency

The dead she-wolf, found on July 4 in Luttelgeest, was largely of Eastern European descent. The animal almost certainly migrated to the Netherlands from the Eastern Czech Republic, Southern Poland or Slovakia. It is also probable that the wolf had lived for a while in the Netherlands.

The DNA of the animal corresponded for 96.5 percent to wolves from the Carpathians. In addition to that, there was 3 percent Italian DNA and 0.5 percent DNA of a dog.

Research by scientists on the wolf’s body shows this. The result is surprising, says wolves expert Leo Linnartz, because it was believed that the animal would have German blood. Experts thought that the about 2 years old she-wolf originated from a German pack living east of Emmen, and went to the Netherlands from there.


The Carpathian she-wolf must have walked about 900 kilometers in order to reach the Dutch Noordoostpolder. About a quarter of wolves roam so far in order to find a new territory. It is normal for young wolves to leave their pack. To determine from which pack the wolf came, further research is needed which is going to take several weeks. Late August it will be known whether the animal ran to the Netherlands independently.

In the Noordoostpolder also six fresh droppings were found, most likely to be wolf’s droppings. The researchers found in the poo red deer hair and hair and bones of a fox. In the Netherlands, no other predator is known which feeds on such large animals.

Although it is still not 100% certain that these were the Luttelgeest she-wolf’s droppings, still the amount of poo indicates that a wolf-like animal has wandered for a while in that area. Probably, the Luttelgeest wolf was a so-called solitary animal and alone in that environment, but only when its DNA will be identified from the droppings that will be really certain.

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