Black-tailed godwit migration on the Internet

This is a black-tailed godwit video from the Netherlands.

Translated from the Dutch Grutto volg programma site:

Most recent data

Last week, 15 godwits have been provided with transmitters, and the data transmitted are shown on the right side of the screen.

At this moment the godwits are feeding to be well-fed for migration. They are preparing for the big journey to the north.

All godwits are currently still in Extremadura, Spain.

The data are of 20 February 2013.

The black-tailed godwits‘ names go from Amalia to Rabat and Rotterdam.

June 2013. Black-tailed godwit chicks are some of the rarest young birds in the country. These chicks hatched on the Ouse washes at WWT Welney Wetland Centre this spring, and they are the only ones in the whole of Norfolk and amongst just a handful throughout the UK: here.

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