Bird paintings and bird sculpture

Owls, by Astrid Roquas

In Noordwijk village in the Netherlands, there is SteigerArt art gallery.

It is in the centre, not far away from the monument for poetess Henriette Roland Holst, born here.

Today was the last day there of an exhibition of paintings and sculpture about birds. They were by Astrid Roquas.

Among the depicted birds were gannets. Two together on a painting, two as sculptures.

Others were: guillemots, common loons, a kakapo, a nuthatch, a bittern, a purple swamphen. A standing barn owl sculpture. A flying black-tailed godwit picture. A long-tailed tit. A Humboldt penguin. A robin. Kingfishers. Puffins. An avocet. And a little owl. There had also been five baby little owls: all five had been sold during the exhibition.

There were also pictures by Rian Verbeek, of herring gulls and other birds.

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