NATO airstrike kills Afghan civilians

An Afghan boy wounded in the air strike in Kunar province that left 10 civilians dead is treated in a hospital. Photograph: Namatullah Karyab/AFP/Getty Images

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Nato air strike kills civilians in eastern Afghanistan, officials say

If confirmed as Nato action, deaths of 10 civilians, including five children, likely to renew tensions between Karzai and Nato

Emma Graham-Harrison in Kabul

Wednesday 13 February 2013 08.42 GMT

A Nato air strike in eastern Afghanistan has killed 10 civilians, five of them children, and wounded five other children, Afghan officials said. …

If confirmed the latest deaths are likely to spark protests and renew tensions over civilian casualties between the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, and the Nato-led military coalition.

A single home in the remote Sultan valley, in Kunar province, was hit by bombs around 3am on Wednesday, said Wasifullah Wasifi, spokesman for the provincial governor. …

“Four women and five children were killed, and five children wounded. One man, who was the leader of the family, was also killed, according to reports from the site,” Farid told the Guardian by phone from Kunar.

15 thoughts on “NATO airstrike kills Afghan civilians

  1. I agree, Barbara.

    Wars have always been horrible. Today, they are even more so than in the past.

    In the nineteenth century, the battle of Solferino

    was a very bloody battle. It gave rise to founding the Red Cross. Yet, all the dead people were soldiers. Except for only one Italian farmer working on the battlefield.

    In today’s wars, most people wounded and killed are civilians. Early in the twentieth century, Italian colonial Libyan war General Douhet (later a fascist) developed the concept of “total war”, later mentioned by nazi Goebbels.


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