NATO kills its Afghan allies

This video is called NATO Airstrike Kills 5 Afghan Soldiers.

From Khaama Press news agency in Afghanistan:

NATO air strike kills or injures 13 Afghan soldiers in Logar province

By Ghanizada – Thu Mar 06 2014, 10:16 am

At least 13 Afghan national army soldiers were killed or injured following an air strike by coalition security forces in eastern Logar province of Afghanistan.

The ministry of defense of Afghanistan confirmed the report and said the incident took place in Charkh district early Thursday morning.

Gen. Zahir Azimi, spokesman for the defense ministry of Afghanistan said Thursday that the airstrike left 5 Afghan army soliders dead and 8 others injured.

Gen. Azimi further added that the incident took place around 3:30 am local time in Charkh district.

He said an investigation has been launched in this regard and further details will be disclosed soon.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said, ”We can confirm that at least five Afghan National Army personnel were accidentally killed this morning during an operation in eastern Afghanistan.”

The Western media agrees that the Afghan assault was ‘UN sanctioned’ — but is that really the case, asks IAN SINCLAIR: here.

The bitter legacy of Western intervention in Afghanistan: here.

The mess NATO made in Afghanistan. After a war longer than either of the two world wars, the outlook in Afghanistan remains bleak: here.

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