Dutch horse meat scandal

This 7 February 2013 video from Britain is about horse meat containing lasagna.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Also horse meat at Plus and Boni

Updated: Monday, 11 February 2013, 18:21

Supermarket chains Plus and Boni have sold frozen lasagna that may contain horse meat, while the packaging does not say so. It’s the Plus brand and Prima Frost at Boni.

Boni will get the lasagne off the shelves and will destroy the products. Plus has started a preventive investigation into all suppliers of the Plus brand. …

The NVWA investigates which products contain horse meat without saying so because horse meat was found in frozen lasagna in England.

See also here.

British Food Standards Agency statement on horse meat testing: here.

Romania hit back angrily today at claims that its horsemeat industry was involved in an alleged fraud that has seen thousands of “beef” products withdrawn from supermarkets in EU member states: here.

12 thoughts on “Dutch horse meat scandal

  1. I have no more to say about this. I have already said enough and what needed to be said. I am quite sick to my stomach now…
    Thank you for continuing to post these though 🙂


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