10 thoughts on “Horse meat scandal update

  1. Food for thought

    I read with interest your article on food adulteration (Socialist Worker, 9 February). This is part of a much bigger problem.

    For example, an additive called high fructose corn syrup is widely used in the US. It is cheaper than cane sugar and is starting to be used in Europe too.

    Some studies suggest that it makes people feel less full up and more likely to keep eating than other sugars, or that it carries a higher diabetes risk.

    The increase in added sugars is one reason for the US obesity crisis, especially for poorer folk unable to afford decent food.

    Capitalism puts profit before need. It ruins the health of millions with poor quality food.

    Another world is possible where people come before profit, and that’s what socialists are fighting for.

    Andy Coles, Manchester

    I wooden eat that…

    in Victorian England food was adulterated with sawdust, chalk and all sorts of rubbish to make it go further and increase the profits.

    There was even an industry making raspberry pips out of wood to put in jam.

    So this is not a new thing, but until now a fairly robust system used to protect the food we ate.

    But the Tories and Lib Dems have weakened those protections.

    It makes me furious.

    Linda de Villiers, on Facebook


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