29 thoughts on “Irish religious forced labour scandal

  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that what happened at the Magdalene Sisters Asylum is a crime against humanity and should be punished severly.This is a case of slavery and this institute made a lot of money by the forced labour at the laundry.The present gov. of Ireland should apologize for this crime and compensate the women who are still alive that were affected by this.From what i have heard the gov. has not done this.A class action lawsuit should be filed against the gov.because the gov.is complicit in this crime since they are not doing anything about it and not apologizing.Im sure the majority of people in Ireland would support this move.

    • There is a strong movement in Ireland now to have a more thorough investigation than the government did.

      That sadly won’t be able to change the past, but may contribute to preventing similar things happening in the future.

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  4. The Magdalene Laundries scandal could only have happened in Ireland ! Only in Ireland, have governments worked so hand-in –hand with the Catholic Church. However, I am glad to see the support for the Catholic Church has slipped drastically in the country in recent years. This false Christian church needs to be boycotted because their teachings and practices contradict the Bible. If you want to know what the Bible really says on lots of issues, visit the following website and then click on each of the 20 headings in the left hand column: . http://www.biblelight.org/bs1.htm

    • Hi Kieran, Ireland is not the only country with close links between the Roman Catholic Church and governments. There are also, eg, Spain, several Latin American countries, Poland, and more.

      Also in Canada, the Roman Catholic church is involved in the scandal of the boarding schools for Native American children, of whom many died. See


      However, in Canada, that was not an exclusive Roman Catholic problem. It was also an issue of other churches with close links to the government.

      • Hi Petre41, I accept that in orther countries practices have gone on between churches and governments that were unfair to some people. However, in Ireland the Catholic Church is given a special status under the constitution ,written in the 1930’s, which puts this false Christian church on a pedestal above all other churches. Consequently, an unhealthy relationship has existed for decades between it and successive governments which needs to be addressed by new laws putting all faiths on an equal footing.

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