16 thoughts on “Against Greek nazis, in Athens and Britain

  1. People in the USA should also be alert and be aware. I’m guessing most here would not even recognize the ‘new & improved’ Nazi political movement. There are even websites that look mainstream but are not…there is a concerted effort among them to clean up, present themselves as upstanding, wholesome folks and get elected into more and more political offices. Scary.


    • Yes, you are right.

      In the USA, David Duke of the KKK was Republican candidate for governor of Louisiana.

      And there was this Arthur Jones case:


      Compared to parties like the Front National of Le Pen in France, the Greek Golden Dawn do very little at hiding their nazi identity.

      One of their members of parliament is in a band. Lyrics of that band: “Fuck Anne Frank! Fuck Simon Wiesenthal!” Then, in German: “Juden heraus” (Jews out).


      • I am really stunned to know that the groups like you mention do not hide their agendas and STILL get such support from people. That doesn’t bode well for humanity’s progress, at all.
        There are several players here much more low-keyed than Duke and they’ve learned to just ‘lightly’ appeal to Americans who are angered about immigration, etc in order to pull them in before they realize just who and what they are supporting. Off to read the Arthur Jones link – thanks!


        • Golden Dawn hides its nazism very superficially. When you ask them straight away Are you nazis? then they will say: No, we’re nationalists. But when you ask the party leader about Hitler’s mass murder of Jews, then he will claim that were supposedly lies.


          • Imagine having to live with them on daily basis,in your ordinary family,working,social life.They even discriminate foreign surnames no matter the origin.If its not the police intimidating it will be the Golden Dawgs.
            Hurray for the cradle of democracy


            • Yes, the European union and other Greek parties like New Democracy bear part of the responsibility for the rise of neo-nazism in Greece. Like Greek governments allowed nazis to join the police etc.


              • just today at 9am GMT 11 local time,Greek police fired tear gassed a school injuring a little girl.You will read about that in the news but not an official statement from the EU or any other organization.GD MP kasidiaris was cleared of all charges today. You will read about that in Reuters but he will be on the loose.Scary


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