8 thoughts on “Photographs of migrant youth in Greece

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  2. Greek students protest austerity measures on education

    On March 21, students gathered in front of the Greek parliament in central Athens, amid heavy police presence, to protest the effects the government’s austerity measures are having on education. The protests are the latest in a series of national actions against the “Athina Plan”, under which the coalition government plans to merge or close a number of higher education faculties in the new academic year.

    Students at technical colleges, or TEI, in Athens and Thessaloniki are also to stage protests this week against plans to overhaul the country’s higher education system that have come under fire from many academics.

    The plans include the shutting down of four universities—the University of Central Greece, the University of Western Greece, the International Hellenic University and the University of Western Macedonia—and the closure of dozens of departments at universities and technical colleges.

    As a result of the mass austerity imposed by successive governments, Greece is experiencing its sixth year of recession. Young people have been particularly affected, as more than 60 percent are currently unemployed.


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