British New Year butterflies

This video is about peacock butterflies.

From Wildlife Extra:

5 butterfly species spotted in UK on January 1st!

2013 butterfly sightings

January 2013. Remarkably, 5 different species of butterfly were recorded in the UK on January 1st, some in several locations according to Butterfly Conservation. There are always a few early sightings, but we think it is very unusual to have 5 different species on January 1st.

The species and locations are:

A Brimstone was spotted in Bedfordshire
Red admirals were spotted in Hampshire Gloucester & Surrey
Painted Lady were seen in Dorset, Isle of Wight and Sussex
Small Tortoiseshell in Dorset and Sussex
Peacock in Staffordshire and Sussex

If you think you might have seen a first butterfly of the 2013, let Butterfly Conservation know.

9 thoughts on “British New Year butterflies

  1. Your butterfly news is amazing! I saw a couple in Dorset in early December, but January??? But the birds are starting to chirp & ‘twitterpate’ (©Walt Disney) and the foxes are already yowling in the mean streets of West London, so maybe Spring is just round the corner. Then it’s midsummer, the nights drawing in and… oh, it’s Xmas again already… RH


    • Quite some of these January butterfly species winter in the adult phase. But usually, they hide at a warm spot then. Maybe the warmer than usually weather now brings them out.


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