14 thoughts on “British royal jubilee, Heathcote Wiliams poem

  1. Jubilee Lines, edited by Carol Ann Duffy, is free of adulation of the queen and remembers her 60 years on the throne with 60 skilful new poems, each written by a contemporary poet. They are all personal and poetical but also reflect public events of a particular year, such as the advent of rock’n’roll, Suez and Hungary, the Kennedy assassination, CND, feminism, the Miners’ Strike and Greenham Common.

    The swift passing of time is a bit melancholic for poet Ruth Fainligh, as for all of us. She muses on her friends of 1963 and the arrival of credit cards, Valium, cassette tapes and remote controls for TV, and ends with the line: “Now each protagonist of this sad tale, bar me, is dead.”



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