Royals, Thatcher cost British taxpayer much

This video from England is called The Queen’s Palaces – Windsor Castle – 1 of 2.

From weekly Socialist Worker in Britain:

Clean sweep

The Queen needs a new cleaner at her £166 million Windsor Castle. But the successful candidate can’t expect to clean up—they’ll be on just £6.67 an hour.

That’s 78p less than the already measly living wage for outside London, and it works out as just £13,000 a year. Still, don’t blame Liz Windsor. She only gets £32 million a year in subsidies.

Expensive business

Two decades after she left office, Maggie Thatcher is still not for turning. The despised former PM has claimed more than half a million in expenses over the past five years. Her successor John Major is close behind with £490,000. Their expenses are supposed to cover office and secretarial costs.

5 thoughts on “Royals, Thatcher cost British taxpayer much

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