Fiji replaces British queen with iguana

Old Fijian coin with Queen Elizabeth II

Fijian coin with banded iguana

New Fijian coin with sea turtle insteas of Queen Elizabeth II

Talking about Fijifrom The Times in London, England:

Fiji currency replaces monarchy with animal kingdom

December 13 2012

Fiji officially replaced the Queen with an iguana yesterday. And a snake, a parrot and a few flowers.

No, it’s not an animist coup, just the unveiling of a new range of bank notes and coins on which the monarch’s head has been replaced by plants and animals.

Some people might see this replacement of the queen of England by an iguana as karmic justice, because the British Queen’s Stationer, of which the wife of Prime Minister David Cameron is director, sells endangered lizards’ products.

When will England replace its royal family with an iguana? Or, better still, with one of its native reptiles?

It would save a lot of pounds. And raise environmental awareness, which unfortunately is lacking sometimes in the royal family now.

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