British queen exploits servants

This video from England is called Visit Windsor Castle: Official Video.

While British royals get richer and richer for doing nothing useful

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Royal job pays just £14,000

Monday 16 July 2012

The Queen is seeking a housekeeping assistant at her stately Windsor Castle to take care of guests’ jewellery, run their baths and assist with dressing – all for a measly £14,000 a year.

Guests to the royal household may also need help in packing and unpacking, pressing and preparing clothes and arranging dry cleaning, which are all requirements outlined in the job description advertised on the monarchy’s website.

The permanent position at the Berkshire castle also provides the option for the successful applicant to live in accommodation on site. But adds that this would come with “a salary adjustment.”

The successful applicant will also be expected to carry out gruelling tasks such as cleaning staircases and corridors, setting up rooms for special events and taking care of furnishings and ornaments from carpets and antiques to pieces of art and silver and brass items.

“Second rate, dilapidated and sad, like a provincial hotel… a tired institution without a place in the modern world… A middle aged woman, so incurious, unintelligent and unremarkable… Britain’s reduced place in the world was not a surprise but an inevitability”. Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of US President John F. Kennedy, following their meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in 1961: here.

4 thoughts on “British queen exploits servants

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  4. UK Windsor Castle staff ballot on industrial action

    A ballot began Tuesday of low paid administrative staff at the Queen’s residency in southeast England. They are members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS). The ballot closes April 14. Around 100 are taking part.

    The Windsor Castle staff had grudgingly accepted last year’s low pay increase on the understanding that allowances would be paid for additional duties such as acting as tour guides and translators and providing first aid cover. However, these allowances have not materialised. Newly recruited staff start on a salary of £14,400.


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