South Asian bird news

This video from India is called The Amur Falcon Massacre, Doyang, Nagaland from Conservation India.

BirdLife writes about this:

Help required to end hunting massacre in Nagaland, India

Thu, Nov 15, 2012

Help required to end hunting massacre in Nagaland, India

On November 1st, national online campaigning organisation Conservation India broke the shocking news of an appalling massacre of thousands of migrating Amur Falcons Falco amurensis that had recently been trapped for sale in the remote state of Nagaland in the north-east of India.

Taking advantage of the falcons’ habit of concentrating in huge numbers during their migration, local hunters have been spreading nets across vast areas of the birds’ forest roost sites, capturing them en masse and then keeping the often-injured Amurs alive, until they might be killed and sold as fresh food. The recent trapping and slaughter appears to have been taking place on an ‘industrial scale’ and unless stopped will clearly have a devastating affect on the birds’ global population at these unsustainable levels.

Please note this video that documents the massacre contains some extremely disturbing footage.

Such is the reach of today’s social media that this emotive story went viral within hours and during the next few days, news quickly spread around the world shocking all who read about the Amurs’ plight. Conservation India’s highly effective campaign has already helped galvanise local, national and international action.

The rate of population decline of resident vultures in India and Nepal has slowed, but populations remain low and vulnerable: here.

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