Catalonia bans bullfighting

This 2011 video is called Bull fighting protest.

From Time magazine in the USA today:

Spain‘s Catalonia Region Bans Bullfighting

By: Megan Friedman

In a victory for animal-rights activists — and a blow for those who said it was central to Spanish culture — Spain’s Catalonia region voted to formally ban bullfighting.

Bullfighting had already been on the decline in the region, according to the New York Times. Though the region once held some of the first bullfighting matches, its main city of Barcelona now only has one bullring which only had 4,000 season ticket holders.

Only 400, the New York Times article says

In Madrid, Spain’s capital, the city’s main ring attracts 19,000 season ticket holders.

The activists who brought the anti-bullfighting petition to parliament said they would work to spread similar legislation elsewhere in Spain.

See also here.

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