First crane baby in Dutch nature reserve

This is a video, recorded in Germany, about crane migration.

The Fochteloërveen is no longer the only area in the Netherlands where cranes nest.

Translated from the site of Dwingelderveld national park (also in Drenthe province):

Young cranes born

This spring, for the first time baby cranes were born in Dwingelderveld. It’s been expected for a few years, because in 2004 already a crane had been discovered in the Dwingelderveld, and since 2007, there were four breeding attempts, but things always went wrong during the egg stage. Now the attempt is successful: the first young cranes hatched, after four weeks. They were two. One died after a few weeks, the other chick is doing well.

Once-common great crane back in UK: here.

At midday on 20 June 1922, a remarkable group of people from different countries met in London and concluded that the only effective answer to the threats facing birds across the continents had to be through co-ordinated international action. So was born the International Council for Bird Preservation (now BirdLife), 90 years old today: here.

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