Save Dutch cranes from military planes

This video, recorded in Sweden, is called 012-03-24 134 Common Crane (Grus grus) Eurasian Crane Trana Hornborgasjön Hornborga.

Translated from Dutch conservation organization Natuurmonumenten:

No F-16s over the Fochteloërveen

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Early June, Natuurmonumenten expressed their concerns about the plan to have F-16s flying at the TT races at Assen in late June. If the flight path to Assen would be over the Fochteloërveen that could destroy the breeding success of the cranes in this nature reserve.

This year there are a record number of breeding cranes in the Fochteloërveen. Four crane couples have built a nest. Three pairs of cranes did so successfully and they are walking around now with one or two chicks. The low-flying F-16s may cause a startle response of the bird parents, making them abandon the chicks which will die then.

Avoid Fochteloërveen

Natuurmonumenten urges the Defence Department and the province of Drenthe to avoid the Fochteloërveen as flight path of the F-16s. The Fochteloërveen is designated as an official silence area and Natura 2000 site. … Natuurmonumenten also advocates in the long run to make the area a “no-fly zone”.

Calm crucial for breeding success

A crane hatched in 2001 for the first time in the Fochteloërveen. That was also the first breeding event since centuries in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, this summer there are between ten and twenty cranes in the area. The Fochteloërveen is one of the few places in the Netherlands with large contiguous nature with plenty of rest. This is crucial for the cranes.

… From the tower at Ravenswoud with a little luck you’ll see the crane foraging in the Fochteloërveen. Come along and take a pair of binoculars!

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