12 thoughts on “Czech students fight tuition fees

  1. Walkout could break coalition

    CZECH REPUBLIC: The right-wing government’s future looked uncertain today after several members of a junior coalition partner walked out on their party following a bribery scandal.

    Prime Minister Petr Necas said today that if he cannot confirm before next week that his three-party coalition still holds a parliamentary majority, new elections would be called.

    “If I don’t have clear information that the government has a secure majority by Monday at the latest, the right solution would be to hold early parliamentary elections in June,” he declared.



  2. Communist Party second in polls

    CZECH REPUBLIC: The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM) has overtaken the governing Civic Democratic Party (ODS) in the opinion polls, taking it to second place.

    According to a poll by the CVVM agency released on Thursday if elections were held now the opposition Social Democrats would win with over one-third of the vote, followed by the KSCM with one-fifth.

    Prime Minister Petr Necas of the ODS has said he will call elections if he doesn’t know by next week whether his coalition has retained its majority.



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  8. Students march for end of tuition fees

    UNITED STATES: Students called for free university education and cancellation of their debts at over 100 campuses on Thursday.

    The so-called “Million Student March” also demanded a minimum wage of $15 (£10) per hour for all campus workers.

    Left-wing Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who has pledged free university education, was said to be supporting the protest.



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