Dutch Nijmegen University lectures for refugees

This Dutch 30 November 2015 video shows a Nijmegen University lecture for refugees from Heumensoord refugee camp.

Translated from NOS TV today:

Especially for highly educated refugees the Radboud University in the near future will be organising lectures. The objective is to give refugees academic depth. Speakers from different departments will participate. …

For many highly educated refugees it was a relief to be guests at lectures specially organized for them. According to the Syrian Manal Abdullateef these lectures give hope: “The hope that we will again take up our own studies one day.”

One of the speakers was Serkon Heno. He himself fled from Syria more than one year and a half ago and is now studying law at the University of Nijmegen. Heno knows what study means for the refugees. “It really means a lot. They want to be active, not passive.”

Tuition fees

For many refugees it is impossible to study during the asylum procedure in the Netherlands. They are not entitled to financial assistance. Furthermore, the tuition fees for students from outside the European Union are much higher than for Dutch students. If refugees have a legal status, then they are subject to the same rules as Dutch youths.

The refugees can hardly wait until the time comes and they like Serkon Heno will be able to resume their studies. “A future for everyone,” laughs Serkon. “And a smile on all faces.”

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