US anti-student police violence

This video from the USA is called Students Pepper Sprayed at Santa Monica College.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

US police attack student demo

Wednesday 04 April 2012

Police pepper-sprayed scores of students on Tuesday as they attempted to raise objections to proposed tuition fee increases at a public forum on the issue.

Of 100 peaceful protesters who participated in the public comment period of the Board of Trustees meeting at Santa Monica College up to 30 suffered minor injuries and two people had to be taken to hospital.

The students had been attempting to air their concerns over a new two-tier tuition plan that would quadruple the cost of popular courses during the summer session.

When several protesters warned that the higher cost would reduce the number of working-class students, police tried to hustle them out of the boardroom.

Officers doused the students with pepper spray when some resisted.

State funding for California community colleges has ben slashed by $809 million (£509m) over the past three years, forcing them to turn away about 200,000 students and cut the number of classes offered.

Students protesting tuition hikes pepper-sprayed by police in Santa Monica, CA: here.

Pepper Spraying of Students in Santa Monica. David Bacon, Truthout: “Today, California community colleges charge $36/unit, a fee due to increase to $46 this summer. Those fees have been the subject of strong criticism by students and the California Federation of Teachers … On April 3, as the board was debating a proposal from district President Chui Tsang to institute a system charging much higher fees for some of the classes offered by the community college, thirty students and a four-year-old girl were pepper sprayed outside the meeting room”: here.

The Assault on Public Education, by Noam Chomsky: here.

Hired Guns on Astroturf: How to Buy and Sell School Reform. Joanne Barkan, Dissent Magazine: “If you want to change government policy, change the politicians who make it. The implications of this truism have now taken hold in the market-modeled ‘education reform movement.’ As a result, the private funders and nonprofit groups that run the movement have overhauled their strategy. They’ve gone political as never before – like the National Rifle Association or Big Pharma or (ed reformers emphasize) the teachers’ unions.” Read the article here.

The US Has Made No Progress on College Graduation Rates in 30 Years (Chart). Pat Garofalo, ThinkProgress: “America’s college graduation rate hasn’t improved in 30 years…. One of the problems stifling America’s educational attainment is the growing cost of college. Since 1985, fees and tuition have nearly sextupled, while outstanding student debt by some estimates has already cleared $1 trillion. At the same time, Republicans in Congress are proposing cuts to higher education aid under the faulty theory that increased financial aid is driving tuition hikes”: here.

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