LGBTQ repression in dictatorial Bahrain

In oil-rich Iraq, ever since it was “liberated” by George W. Bush, there is mass murder of gay people; and of “emo” subculture youth just for the way they dress.

In the oil-rich monarchies of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, dictatorial allies of the Pentagon, young women are persecuted if they don’t dress “female” or “decent” enough; like (shock horror) wearing trousers.

Neither are men who don’t dress “male” or “decent” enough safe from state-sponsored violence.

This video is called Jailed Bahrain Doctor Tells Voice Of America of Abuse, ‘Mental Torture’.

I usually don’t quote from Gulf News daily in oil-rich Bahrain, as it is a mouthpiece for the dictatorship.

However, now I will make an exception. Just to let the hatred and prejudice of the pro-regime paper condemn itself.

From Gulf News:

Crossdresser sent to Bahrain jail for indecent behaviour

Undercover policemen arrest man wearing a wig and heavy mascara while walking down the road

By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

Published: 13:01 April 4, 2012

Manama: A young Bahraini man was sentenced to one month in prison for crossdressing in public.

The man was walking down a busy road while wearing a wig and shorts and had heavy mascara around his eyes when he was arrested by undercover policemen, according to the charge sheet.

He was later charged with indecent behaviour and encouraging debauchery. Homosexuality is banned in Bahrain.

Lawmakers, wary of the growing number of homosexuals in the country, have been pushing for a crackdown, including the adoption of tougher immigration measures and prompt deportations for foreigners.

Yeah right. “Tougher immigration measures and prompt deportations for foreigners”. These MP’s in the absolute monarchy’s puppet parliament behave just like Dutch xenophobic bigot politician Geert Wilders (who wants to deport especially Muslims).

In 2010, nine Arab crossdressers were arrested and charged with public debauchery on New Year’s Eve.

The police did not mention their nationalities, but said that they were from different Arab countries and that they were arrested in a hotel disco house in Manama.

The crossdressers, heavily made-up and wearing provocative outfits, were reportedly soliciting revellers at the disco house.

See also here.

Bahrain Cracks Down on Gay Migrant Workers: here.

Not all people who go to the torture jails in Bahrain, even if “just” for one month, come out alive.

Exploited maids who had escaped their employers are amongst women forced into prostitution in the UAE: here.

USA: Gay Ohio student sues over right to wear t-shirt: here.

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