No to Formula One racing in dictatorial Bahrain

About this video:

The opposition February 14 Coalition has posted a video of their letter to Formula One head Bernie Ecclestone, demanding that he called off this year’s race in Bahrain: “We do not accept the distortion of this popular sport for the sake of obliging a falling dictatorship.”

As the sporting world prepares to turn their attention to Bahrain on 22 April for its annual Formula One Grand Prix, Kristian Ulrichsen examines the impact of the race on the country: here.

Meanwhile, Bahrain’s undemocratic puppet parliament, unable and unwilling to do anything about the dictatorship at home, wants “to recognize the [anti-Damascus government] Syrian National Council as the representative of the Syrian people“.

The number of babies with diabetes, who require insulin from birth, has tripled in Bahrain in the last 20 years, according to a health expert: here.

7 thoughts on “No to Formula One racing in dictatorial Bahrain

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