Bahrainis tweet against dictatorship’s Formula 1

This video is called Bahrain Backlash: Doctors on trial for helping protesters.

From Global Voices:

Bahrain: Tweeting Against Formula 1

31 March 2012 1:32 GMT

Twitter hashtags are no longer spontaneous, at least not to Bahraini Twitter users who are using hashtags as another tool to spread information about their protest against a regime which has so far granted them cosmetic reforms after a whole year of protest. Although Bahrain’s population is small in number, Twitter users are very organized online, using social media platforms as their only way to document the crimes of the regime against them.

This idea to trend hashtags started in solidarity with Abdulhadi Khawaja, a prominent activist and opposition figure, who is sentenced to life imprisonment after being accused of attempting to overthrow the regime and who has been on hunger strike for weeks. For the previous month, Bahrainis have succeeded in getting several hash tags to trend worldwide. In their latest attempt, they wanted to address Formula 1, the famous car race organiser, to cancel their race in Bahrain in protest against the regime’s violations against human rights. The race is scheduled to be held from April 20 to 22, 2012.

Twitter users announced the hash tag on this account @Feb14TT:

@Feb14TT: غردوا على ‬#BloodyF1‪ Tweet on This Hashtag Only NOW !!!

The rest followed on cue as Twitter users started tweeting and trying to get the hash tag to show in the top trending topics worldwide.

Despite the Bahrain GP currently having the go-ahead, the teams are reportedly making plans should it be cancelled: here.

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