Bahrain absolute monarchy transphobia arrest

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bahrain Student Protesters In Prison

11 October 2011

Six college students were sentenced to 15 years in prison for their roles in protests against the government of Bahrain. Ana Kasparian and Jayar Jackson discuss on TYT University.

In the absolute monarchy Bahrain, people may be arrested for many reasons or pretexts. You may be arrested for supporting human rights; for playing as a child; for treating wounded patients if you are a doctor; for photographing if you are a photographer; for a sense of humour if you are a blogger; etc. etc.

One more reason for going to the infamous prison system in Bahrain, where torture is rampant: governmental hatred of LGBTQ people.

From Gulf News:

Man arrested for cross-dressing in Bahrain

Suspect says work at beauty salon demands fashionable, elegant looks

By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

12:09 July 7, 2014

Manama: A man was sentenced to one month in prison followed by deportation after he was apprehended for wearing women’s accessories and makeup in Bahrain.

The expatriate Arab was arrested by a police patrol as he was walking “in a feminine way” in the Bahraini capital Manama and attracted the attention of the servicemen.

He said that he worked in a women’s beauty salon and that his profession demanded that he always looked elegant and wore the latest fashion accessories to set a positive example for his clients.

The public prosecution was not convinced by the arguments and charged him with encouraging debauchery. He was subsequently referred to a court that ruled to keep him in jail for one month.

Cross-dressing is banned in Bahrain and in the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states — Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Foreigners who are apprehended for their “unacceptable looks” in public are often jailed for a short period before they are sent home.

Local conservatives have regularly called for tougher measures against cross-dressers and gays, accusing them of spreading vice, particularly among young people.

Bahrain: More Minors Detained for Prolonged Periods Without Conviction: here.

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