Pterosaur named after Thatcher cartoonist

Margaret Thatcher Torydactyl, cartoon by Gerald Scarfe

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

A newly discovered species of prehistoric flying reptile was named after satirical artist Gerald Scarfe today.

The political cartoonist was chosen because of his caricatures of Margaret Thatcher which depicted her as a pointy-nosed “Torydactyl“.

a wordplay on “Pterodactyl

The pterosaur, discovered by a University of Portsmouth palaeontologist, has been named Cuspicephalus scarfi.

A REMARKABLE exhibition of cartoons poking fun at former prime minister Margaret Thatcher by renowned satirical illustrator Gerald Scarfe has opened in Teesdale, County Durham: here.

MIKE QUILLE recommends a brilliantly executed attack on a Tory monster by Gerald Scarfe Milk Snatcher: The Thatcher Drawings The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle: here.

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