British Conservative war secretary in scandal

This video from Britain is called Liam Fox ‘must disclose the full truth’ about Adam Werritty.

Liam Fox is the Secretary of “Defence” in the Conservative British government. That “defence” is basically non-defensive wars of aggression in Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

This video from Britain says about itself:

Adam Werritty attends meeting with Sri Lankan president – video

Footage shows Liam Fox‘s former flatmate meeting President Mahinda Rajapaksa

of the regime in Sri Lanka which committed war crimes against Tamil civilians

with defence secretary in 2010.

Werritty in Sri Lanka in 2010: here.

From the New Statesman in Britain:

Fox hunting

Posted by Jonathan Derbyshire – 09 October 2011 09:06

What the papers are saying about the beleaguered defence secretary.

With the Prime Minister asking for the preliminary findings of an inquiry into Liam Fox‘s working relationship with Adam Werritty to be on his desk tomorrow morning, the position of the defence secretary looks precarious. This morning, the Observer produces video footage of Fox’s meeting with the president of Sri Lanka last year at which Werritty was present, and which appears to contradict the defence secretary’s earlier insistence that his friend and former flatmate had never attended any meetings with representatives of foreign governments.

The press pack has the scent of its quarry in its nostrils. Here’s what the papers are saying about Mr Fox today.


Emails and video footage pile pressure on beleaguered Liam Fox: Film of Sri Lankan meeting and email exchange between friend and businessman undermine defence secretary’s prior claims.

Sunday Times (£)

Cameron demands truth as Fox fights to keep defence job: The prime minister has launched an investigation into whether Liam Fox compromised national security by giving special access to his best man.

Sunday Telegraph

Liam Fox: I have nothing to hide over links with aide: Liam Fox has mounted a fightback in a bid to save his Cabinet job in a row over his working relationship with his self-styled adviser, Adam Werritty.

The questions Liam Fox must answer about his friend Adam Werritty.

Independent on Sunday

Fox adviser is involved in arms deals, says MoD source.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s political career hung by a thread today amid claims his links to a former flatmate breached ministerial guidelines, writes Paddy McGuffin: here.

Liam Fox paid his mate out of taxpayers’ money: here.

Abductions, illegal detentions, extra-judicial executions and torture ‘routine in Sri Lanka’: here.

The scandal over Tory defence minister Liam Fox and a “defence adviser” shows the corruption at the heart of the establishment: here.

Severely wounded Defence Secretary Liam Fox sought to save his skin today amid mounting pressure for his resignation: here.

Werritty remains silent as spotlight falls on his earning and business dealings: here.

Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner demanded a “forensic examination” of financial arrangements surrounding Defence Secretary Liam Fox and his bosom pal Adam Werritty today: here.

Hedge fund tycoons bankroll Fox office as Werritty affair deepens: here.

Step closer to Liam Fox’s current problems with his friend Adam Werritty and you’re inside a whole world of transatlantic right-wing corporate lobbying. Conservatives, neoconservatives, Tories, Republicans all trying to butter up big coporations: here.

Britain’s military involvement in Libya will cost the taxpayer an estimated £300 million, Defence Secretary Liam Fox said today: here.


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