Anti-war assembly London, 8 October

This video from England is called Tony Benn: Why I will be at the Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square on 8 October.

From the Antiwar Mass Assembly site in Britain:

We will be in Trafalgar Square on 8 October: will you?

After 10 years of war in Afghanistan, more than 100,000 Nato troops remain and tens of thousands have died.

Government claims that the war is contributing to Britain’s stability look increasingly hollow. Opinion polls suggest the majority of Britons want a speedy withdrawal of British troops, a view recently endorsed by the trade unions. Politicians have to get in step with public opinion and announce a date to bring troops home. We will be attending the mass anti-war assembly this Saturday 8 October in Trafalgar Square. We urge you to join us.

Thousands of people will head to Trafalgar Square on Saturday for a mass assembly against 10 years of the war in Afghanistan: here.

Thousands of people gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square to mark the Afghan conflict‘s 10th anniversary were advised by a string of speakers to break the law to end Britain’s wars: here.

Campaigners have expressed concern that a new admissions code requires state schools in England to prioritise children from Armed Forces families, as well as children of schools staff: here.

Thousands of Afghan citizens marched through the streets of Kabul today to demand the immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces 10 years on from the US-led invasion: here.

Charities struggling to ease the suffering of people in war-torn Afghanistan will issue a joint appeal tomorrow challenging wealthy occupying powers to invest more cash in desperately needed health infrastructure and less on killing: here.

The Afghan War, a Ten-Year Toll: here.

George Galloway outlines the political nonsense inherent in the Afghan war and believes that persistent protest to be the only way to stop it: here.

The war has been a disaster for the Afghan people and a tragic waste of the lives of American and allied soldiers. It has profoundly destabilised regional and world politics: here.

USA: Beyond The Battlefield: From A Decade Of War, An Endless Struggle For The Severely Wounded: here.

Afghanistan: worst place for children to be born and raised
Not only do children die, they can also be recruited and used to fight in armed forces and groups: here.

A UN report has said torture is practiced systematically in some Afghan intelligence detention centres and that children are among those who have suffered: here.

Afghans rebel against decade of pointless slaughter: here.

The protracted US-led war in Afghanistan has transformed that country into a hornet’s nest of political intrigue and profoundly destabilised the entire region: here.

6 thoughts on “Anti-war assembly London, 8 October

  1. Tens of Deaths in Combat in Afghanistan

    Kabul, Oct 6 (Prensa Latina) Afghan rebel sources announced tens of deaths among government troops and the NATO in more than 50 combat actions in ten provinces of Afghanistan.

    Kalin Yuga News Agency e-reports mention combats in Wardag, Paktia, Ghazni, Nangarhar, Khost, Baghlan, Washir, Terenkot and Helmand namely.

    In Wardag died six insurgents, 12 US soldiers and 10 soldiers of the government of Hamid Karzai.

    The NATO does not confirm clashes, just the peaceful marches in Kabul protesting the Oct.7, 2001 invasion and urging immediate withdrawal of the foreign troops, today made up of some 150,000 soldiers -two thirds from The US- said the media in the capital.

    Also, Afghanistan Interior Ministry limited its report to six detentions tied to alleged murder plans against President Karzai and of attacks on foreign facilities in Kabul.

    Meanwhile, different media in the capital eco the NATO meet in Brussels, Belgium, and an announced long-term plan of withdrawal from Afghanistan, a polemic program virtually halted over the past months and redrafted with post-2014 measures.

    Earlier, the NATO commenced a discreet withdrawal of near 2,000 ranks from last August but the latest increment of rebel actions have stranded the announcement, admitted the military block’s General Secretary Anders Rasmussen.

    The www site iCasualties number the foreign deaths in 472, including 355 from The US, an unprecedented average from the start of the invasion in 2001.



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