Bahrain human rights violations continue

This video is called Police crackdown against Bahrain protesters.

By Mona Kareem:

Protests erupted in Bahrain this weekend as angry mourners buried 16-year-old Ahmed Al-Qattan, who was killed by … bird shot according to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which rarely states the truth about the causes of protestor deaths.

By Scott Lucas:

Bahrain Special: Zainab Omran Tells Her Story of Abuse in Detention

Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 6:36

On Friday, we published the first part of Zainab Omran‘s story of her detention during protests at City Centre Mall in Manama on 23 September. This is the second part of her testimony, as she and 44 other women endure abuse in several police centres:

After three hours [waiting on the road outside City Center Mall] the bus arrived to take us. They kept us in a single row. we were forced to raise our heads to be shown by one of the television broadcasters while we went in the bus.

$53 Million US Arms Sale To Bahrain; Children Killed in Protests (video): here.

Jailed doctors call for U.S. support in Bahrain: here.

Bahraini and GCC security forces continue their systematic suppression of popular protests against the regime. Feelings of tension mount in Manama, as signs of renewed protest become more evident: here.

Bahrain in the World Day Against the Death Penalty: Three citizens sentenced to death after unfair military trials: here.

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