Emirates dictatorship recognizes Libyan rebels

This video is called Nightmare in Dreamland pt1 DUBAI [United Arab Emirates] Ethiopian / Filipino Maids Slavery.

Here are the other parts of that series.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The United Arab Emirates have recognized the transitional government of the rebels in Libya. Previously, it had been recognized by Qatar, France and Italy. As the only Arab country, the Emirates participate in the NATO attacks on the army of Colonel Gaddafi.

So, the UAE absolute monarchy, the Qatar absolute monarchy, former colonial power in Libya Italy, former colonial power in Libya France, supposedly fighting for democracy in Libya … or for something else?

Libya Feature: How US Oil Companies Fell Out with Muammar Qaddafi: here.

UPDATE: Germany, which during the Second World War tried to help Mussolini to keep his empire in Libya, has recognized the Benghazi council as well.

Look at the hateful messages toward migrant workers a Dubai company (@ElanFurnishings) sends out: here, and here.

UAE: Pakistani man convicted for displaying the UAE flag “in an offensive manner” on his truck: here.

A study published by Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) on “The conditions of the unskilled labourers in the construction sector” has revealed that their wages and living conditions are far from being fair and adequate: here.

2 thoughts on “Emirates dictatorship recognizes Libyan rebels

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