Colonialists, dictators supporting Libyan democracy?

This video is called First British boots on the ground as military officers sent into Libya.

So far, the Libyan rebel Transitional Council in Benghazi has diplomatic recognition from four countries: Sarkozy’s France, Berlusconi’s Italy, and the monarchies Jordan and Qatar.

Italy is the ex-colonial power in Libya, responsible for killing many Libyans in concentration camps and elsewhere. After the defeat of the Hitler-Mussolini axis in North Africa in 1943, France, jointly with the United Kingdom, took over as colonial power.

Jordan is a dictatorship. Qatar is a dictatorship.

So, four countries which one can hardly expect to support democrats in Libya.

Very different now from what the original Libyan rebels hoped.

4 thoughts on “Colonialists, dictators supporting Libyan democracy?

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