17 thoughts on “Pentagon drones help Yemen dictator Saleh

  1. President Abdullah has hardly managed to keep al Queda under control during his rule of Yemen- so I don’t think his resignation will change much. Yemen is plagued with divisions of tribe and religion, and al Queda thrives in such an environment- it will take years of socio-economic reform to quash them, not President Abdullah.


  2. One killed after Yemen protest hit by sniper fire

    SANAA | Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:53am EDT

    (Reuters) – Snipers firing from rooftops killed a Yemeni anti-government demonstrator on Tuesday in a city that has seen some of the largest protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, witnesses and a medical source said.

    “A group of youth were rallying on the outskirts of the protest square, but then a sniper opened fire on them, killing Mazen Abdullah and wounding 10 others,” said Bushra al-Maktari, a spokeswoman for the protest movement in Taiz, south of Sanaa.

    Eight more protesters were also shot and wounded in the town of Beit al-Faqih in the Red Sea province of Hudaida when riot police opened fire after demonstrators began shouting anti-Saleh slogans, residents said.

    (Reporting by Mohammed Ghobari and Mohamed Sudam; Writing by Cynthia Johnston)


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