23 thoughts on “US drones kill US soldiers, Afghan civilians

  1. Please find below, a link to a Protest Song that we have just completed.
    Our thanks to all those who have helped with this project.
    Please send this link to anyone who you think may be interested.
    Apologies to anyone who has received this from an unknown party.
    Kind regards,
    Garth O’Donnell

    ‘Drone Pilot’, is a protest song.
    All over the world drone planes are being flown, by ‘X-Box Generation’ men.
    These heavily armed planes are remotely controlled, using satellite communications, by pilots often located thousands of miles away from their targets.
    To date, thousands of civilian lives have been lost as ‘collateral damage’.
    There is very little media coverage of these pilotless planes.
    This song is about the horrifying reality of modern war.


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