Yemen at war, comment from Britain

This video, recorded in the USA, says about itself:

‘Chaos in Yemen show drone strikes part of problem’ – Code Pink co-founder

21 January 2015

Barack Obama highlighted America’s support to the Syrian rebels as part of the campaign to crush Islamic State, in his State of the Union Address. RT is joined by Medea Benjamin, an anti-war activist and co-founder of ‘Code Pink: Women for Peace’.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Imperialism starts packing

British and US diplomats are vacating their embassies in Yemen. Yet again, British imperialism has backed the wrong horse in the Middle East and now has to flee the stable being occupied by the Shi’ite minority Ansar Allah movement.

Prince Andrew fronted the sale of arms for internal repression to ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh until the latter’s downfall during the Arab Spring, since when Britain and other Nato powers have supported his successor President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to the last.

There are encouraging signs that the once-strong Yemeni socialist movement is reviving, although the country’s democratic forces face the threat of renewed US and Saudi intervention on the one side and Sunni and Shi’ite religious sectarianism on the other.

In the meantime, Western embassy staffs in Afghanistan and Bahrain might be best advised to start packing their bags, too.

US threatens military intervention as UN warns of “disintegration” in Yemen: here.

Houthi militia takes over Taiz as Yemen descends into civil war: here.

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