Dutch eagle owl chick born, on webcam

This is a video from Germany about an Eurasian eagle owl, attacked by jays.

Today, the first chick has hatched in the webcam project of BirdLife in the Netherlands.

It is a young Eurasian eagle owl.

It was born earlier than expected.

See it on webcam here.

Eagle owl born in Avifauna, Alphen: here.

Eagle owl slow motion flight video here.

The UK’s Linton Zoo has hatched its first Easter chicks, three adorable Turkmenian Eagle Owlets. The fluffy trio weighing just 50 grams at hatching, hatched in mid March but were rejected by their inexperienced mother and so were removed for hand-rearing. They will rapidly grow, weighing in at around a kilo each by the time they are three weeks old. The Turkmenian Eagle Owl is one of the largest and most spectacular Owls in the world and is closely related to the large European Eagle Owl. Sadly though, it is believed to now be extinct in its original wild range around Turkmenistan, there are also very few in captivity so these three Easter chicks are very important individuals, although they may not realise it! Both parents of these special birds were also hatched at Linton and their dad “Pip” is 22 years old this year: here.

Owl Prowl 2011: Hunt for London’s owls: here.

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