Libyan rebels capture British invaders

This video from Britain is called 8 SAS SOLDIERS CAPTURED BY REBELS IN LIBYA.

By Jason Ditz in the USA:

Libyan Rebels Capture British SAS Unit

British Troops Sent to ‘Offer Help’ After Repeated Warnings Against Foreign Meddling

March 05, 2011

Sometimes no really means no.

That’s what the British military learned today when, after a solid week of Libyan rebel leaders insisting that they didn’t want any foreign intervention in the ongoing efforts to oust long-time dictator Moammar Gadhafi, they decided a great idea would be to dispatch a unit of their special forces, the SAS, to Benghazi to “offer help.”

The troops arrived in plain clothes and accompanied a “junior diplomat” who had ostensibly been dispatched to “establish relations” with the opposition’s leadership council. The rebels have been in control of virtually the entire eastern half of the nation plus a number of cities in the west for over a week.

But the rebels’ troops spotted the plain clothes troops and hauled them away, worrying that public support would be damaged if they were seen as a Western-backed coup against Gadhafi, one of the chief reasons they have repeatedly spurned US and British offers of military help.

Though the diplomat’s arrival doesn’t appear to have been a major problem, the protest movement has sought international recognition as the “legitimate government of Libya” over the Gadhafi regime, the fact that he showed up uninvited with a unit of soldiers appears to have angered the rebel leadership council, which immediately ordered the lot of them thrown into a military brig.

See also here.

In 2009, the very British SAS who now pose as rebels’ friends, started to train Gadhafi’s special forces troops.

More than 100 officers from Colonel Gaddafi’s feared police force are currently in Britain to undergo training in advanced techniques: here.

Obama considering military action against Libya: here.

U.S. Aid has shored up lucrative and corrupt tendencies in Egyptian army: here.

Demonstrators outside Bahrain PM’s office demand premier step down, monarchy be overthrown – Al Jazeera: here.

Saudi Arabia bans public protest: here.

The Saudi women banned from marrying because father won’t let them: here.

The Middle East feminist revolution by Naomi Wolf: here.

8 thoughts on “Libyan rebels capture British invaders

  1. Ministers pledge protest crackdown

    Saudi Arabia: The Interior Ministry pledged to uphold a ban on “all and any form” of protest activity at the weekend after hundreds of people took to the streets of Riyadh following Friday prayers to demand democratic reform.

    Protesters gathered in front of al-Rajhi mosque in the eastern part of the capital, chanting slogans against the Western-backed ruling royal family and demanding a government of the people and for the people.

    On Saturday the interior minister said that “the kingdom’s laws categorically ban all and any form of demonstration, rally or sit-in, as they are in contrast with the sharia.”


  2. Gunmen attack demonstration

    Iraq: Masked assailants attacked a protest site in Sulaimaniyah on Saturday night and ransacked the offices of an independent Kurdish radio station.

    Nafit Qader, a spokesman for the demonstrators, accused militiamen loyal to the semi-autonomous Kurdish region’s two dominant parties, the Patriotic Union on Kurdistan and the Kurdish Democratic Party, of being behind the attack.

    The invasion of the Dank radio station was the second such attack against media in the region in recent weeks.


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