Save Irish forests from Big Money

State Vandalism and Neglect in a Rare Native Oakwood from Jano Stefanik on Vimeo.

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Cahermurphy is a rare native oak forest in Co Clare, frequented by Andrew St Ledger, who conducts guided walks there. At the start of the new year, he brought friends for a visit and was shocked to see the site had been damaged by the State.

This film was made to inspire the public to appreciate the true value of such remaining wild places, by creating a positive from a negative.

From the Woodland League in Ireland:




Coillte ( The Irish Forestry Board ) made 300 million euros profits in 21 years and only paid 2.5 million euros to the State.

Coillte are now 178 million euros in debt.

Where have the profits gone ?

Bertie Ahern

a corrupt Irish politician, ex prime Minister, member of Fianna Fail, traditionally the biggest Irish party, but which lost catastrophically at the recent election

is chairman of a Swiss Finance company interested in buying Coillte.

The public forests should be the inheritance of Irish children and if managed wisely they can help to secure our future.

Sign the Petition – go to:

Ireland already has comparatively few forests compared to other countries. Don´t let Swiss fat cats destroy them, aided and abetted by corrupt Irish politicians.

Ireland’s “bad bank”, the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), is beset by scandal: here.

Former Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern received €209,779 ($276,000) in secret payments while in office and repeatedly told lies about them under oath, a mammoth fact-finding investigation ruled on Thursday: here.

Britain: Campaigners called on an independent panel set up to advise ministers on forests to put public access to woodlands at the heart of its work: here.

Hands Off Our Forests spokesman Richard Daniels told a Compass fringe event that mixing new approaches such as social networking with traditional grass-roots campaigning had paid off and forced the government to change course on its forest privatisation plans: here.

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