WikiLeaks revelations continue

This video is called WikiLeaks: ‘War Crimes‘ Evidence in Afghanistan.

What has been exposed by the WikiLeaks documents—only a small fraction of which have as yet been made public—is the nexus of corrupt relations and criminal operations carried out by the US government, behind the backs of the population: here.

WikiLeaks cables on UK’s Afghan role were embarrassing, admits Cameron: here.

A Swiss bank shut down WikiLeaks’ defense fund after a US warning, and the US attorney general has said “significant” actions against the group are under way: here.

Hackers Attack, Take Down Site of Bank that Froze Assange Cash: here.

Comic Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, went out of his way November 30 to attack WikiLeaks’ co-founder Julian Assange and the exposure of American government conspiracies around the world: here.

For independent reporting & analysis on WikiLeaks in the US, check out the Democracy Now! news archives: here.

WikiLeaks on Dutch servers: here.

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