WikiLeaks founder arrested

This video from the USA is called Was Julian Assange Of WikiLeaks Set Up?

Julian Assange was arrested today in England.

London, England: Today Westminster Magistrate’s Court meet 13:30.

A sarcastic reaction by Unites States feminist Naomi Wolf: here.

Is The Times [owned by Rupert Murdoch, Australian like Julian Assange, but a lot richer and pro-war] ‘helping terrorists’ to attack WikiLeaks? Here.

The 9 Weirdest Things About the WikiLeaks Story: here.

This video from Britain says about itself:

A drawing on the politics of embarrassment. At the time of writing, large scale digital denial of service attacks, perhaps organised by the Americans, are attempting to restrict the ability of the Wikileaks organisation to publish the leaked material.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Assange reveals Miliband weapons

Tuesday 07 December 2010

That the Chagossians were evicted from their homes on the island of Diego Garcia and were blocked from returning by the UK government to make way for a US/UK military base is bad enough.

However the Wikileaks revelations that David Miliband – then foreign secretary – was complicit in storing cluster munitions on the base is shocking if unsurprising.

Equally disturbing is the exposure that the military and Foreign Office strenuously opposed a treaty to ban cluster munitions, although Gordon Brown did eventually sign up.

WikiLeaks Is Winning the Info War So Far: here.

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