6 thoughts on “Four Georgian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

  1. Skull tattoo for each kill

    By: Agencies Date: 2010-10-01 Place: Washington

    US sergeant who allegedly murdered Afghan civilians for sport kept count by inking his body with several skull-shaped tattoos

    When US Army investigators tried to interrogate Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs in May about the suspected murders of three Afghan civilians, he declined to answer questions.

    But as he was being fingerprinted, Sergeant Gibbs lifted up his pant leg to reveal a tattoo.


    On his left calf was a picture of a crossed pair of pistols, framed by six skulls. The tattoo was “his way of keeping count of the kills he had”, a special agent for the army’s Criminal Investigations Command said in a report.

    Three of the skulls, coloured red, represented kills in Iraq, Sergeant Gibbs told the agent; the others, in blue, were from Afghanistan.

    Sergeant Gibbs said he acted in self-defence each time, but army officials have charged him with conspiring with other soldiers from the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division to murder three unarmed Afghans, allegedly for sport, and dismembering and photographing the corpses.

    In addition to Sergeant Gibbs (25), the army has charged four other soldiers with involvement in the killings, which occurred between January and May in Kandahar province.

    Gibbs served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. In particular, the army is re-examining a 2004 incident in which Sergeant Gibbs and other soldiers are alleged to have fired on an unarmed Iraqi family riding in a car, killing two adults and a child.

    Several soldiers who served with Sergeant Gibbs in Afghanistan told investigators he repeatedly tried to persuade other soldiers to carve fingers off Afghan corpses and that he kept at least two fingers for himself, which he hid in an empty water bottle.

    Finger necklace

    They said he would display the digits when he wanted to intimidate other unit members into maintaining their silence; one soldier said Sergeant Gibbs claimed he was collecting the fingers to make a necklace.

    According to a statement to investigators by Corporal Emmit Quintal, a member of Sergeant Gibbs’s unit, the sergeant and another soldier once sliced a finger off the corpse of a suspected insurgent, and Sergeant Gibbs
    kept it.

    According to a statement from Sergeant Skinner, Sergeant Gibbs asked him whether he wanted to cut a finger from the corpse.

    When a shocked Sergeant Skinner asked why, Sergeant Gibbs replied, “Because it would be fun messing with people, like sticking a finger on a care package.”

    Tainted sarge

    Sergeant Gibbs traded “porn in exchange for AK-47s, RPG rounds [and] mortars.”

    There were also reports that he kept Russian grenades and AK-47 ammunition in a storage bin inside the unit’s Stryker vehicle in case they needed false evidence to plant.

    Second Abu Ghraib

    In what could prove to be another Abu Ghraib moment, unit members reportedly snapped digital photographs of each other, posing alongside the bodies.

    In the earlier scandal, the continued abuse of inmates at a prison near Baghdad only came to light after pictures were circulated on the internet. Eden Abergil, made international headlines after uploading photographs to her Facebook page, showing her posing alongside blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian detainees in the Gaza area in 2008.


  2. http://en.trend.az/news/politics/foreign/1760887.html

    Georgian International Association of Military Journalists wants information about military died in Afghanistan

    04.10.2010 15:41

    Georgian International Association of Military Journalists wants information about military died in Afghanistan

    Georgia, Tbilisi, October 4 / Trend N. Kirtskhalia /

    The Georgian International Association of Military Journalists calls for the authority to give full information on the activity of the Georgian military contingent in Afghanistan and causes of death of the military, the number of injured and ensure journalists’ contacts with them.

    The government, in particular the Ministry of Defence, has not disseminated the information about the circumstances of the death of Georgian military in Afghanistan yet, the statement said.

    “This silence causes various rumors and political speculation that the Georgian government hides the real facts of the case and information on the number of wounded.

    The Association of Military Journalists expressed deep condolences over the death of Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan on Sept. 30.

    The bodies of dead soldiers – Col. Ramaz Gogiashvili, Sergeant David Tsetskhladze, Corporal George Kolhitashvili and Corporal Nugzar Kalandadze have been already delivered to their homes. According to the official information, they stepped on a mine. These are not the first victims of the Georgian military contingent in Afghanistan. Lieutenant Mukhran Shukvani died and Corporal Alexander Gitolendiya was seriously wounded during a peacekeeping mission on September 5.

  3. Azerbaijani National Security Ministry’s Academy holds course for Afghan officers

    01.12.2010 16:34

    Azerbaijan, Baku, Dec.1 / Trend K. Zarbaliyeva /

    Azerbaijani National Security Ministry’s Heydar Aliyev Academy held a course for a group of Afghan security officers of higher rank, the Ministry said.
    The course organized within the activities related to assistance to Afghanistan in the civil field, was held on the topic “Today’s terrorist threat and fight against them” and lasted two weeks.

    During the course the Academy’s professor staff and skilful employees of national security agencies delivered lectures and practical trainings were held.
    During the course the Afghan security officers were provided with detailed information about the Azerbaijani people’s history and culture, ways of development and present stage of state building. Excursions to the Azerbaijani Museum of History, the Palace of Shirvanshahlar, the Bibi-Heybat Mosque, the other attractions of the capital, a trip to Shamakhi and Lankaran regions were also organized for them.

    A meeting with the participants was held Nov. 30 in connection with the completion of the course.

    Rector of the Academy, Lieutenant General Ziya Yusifzade stressed the significance of assistance to the Afghan people in the historical stage, important for state building.

    Afghan security officers were awarded certificates on successful completion of training and educational courses.


  4. Eleventh Georgian soldier dies in Afghanistan

    Mon 02 January 2012 15:34 GMT | 16:34 Local Time

    Georgian soldier killed as a result of mine explosion in Afghanistan.

    Corporal Besik Niniashvili from the 31st light infantry battalion of the third brigade deployed in the Helmand province of Afghanistan was killed “as a result of mine explosion”, the Georgian Ministry of Defense said on December 31.

    The latest death brings to ten the total number of Georgian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, since joining the NATO-led operation in November, 2009. The Georgian troops in Afghanistan operate without caveats.

    In a period of his service in the army Corporal Niniashvili, who joined the Georgian Armed Forces in 2007, awarded with the Medal for Outstanding Combat Service, Honorary Certificate, Medal for Combat Wound and Medal for Participation in International Operations, MoD said.

    MoD did not provide other details of circumstances in which Corporal Niniashvili was killed.

    On December 20 the Parliament approved President Saakashvili’s request to send one additional infantry battalion to Afghanistan on top of 936 Georgian soldiers who already serve as part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

    As a result, after sending one more battalion – that is 749 soldiers – Georgia will become the largest non-NATO contributor to ASAF with total of 1,685 troops.

    Civil Georgia


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