US torture prison Bagram in Afghanistan now twice the size of Guantanamo

This video is the TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE trailer; about torture to death of a taxi driver in Bagram in Afghanistan. See also here.

From British daily The Independent:

Bagram detention centre now twice the size of Guantanamo

By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles

Published: 08 January 2008

The United States has quietly expanded the number of “enemy combatants” being held in judicial limbo at its Bagram military base in Afghanistan, a facility which has now grown to more than twice the size of the controversial and much more widely discussed military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Bagram has received just a fraction of the world attention paid to Guantanamo, but the two facilities have prompted very similar complaints – about prisoners held incommunicado for weeks or months, the lack of recourse to any system of legal redress, and persistent reports of prisoner mistreatment that many human rights campaigners have characterised as torture.

The New York Times, which has seen confidential documents relating to the running of the Bagram prison, reported yesterday that the military base north of Kabul now contains around 630 prisoners, a far greater number than the 275 still being held at a rapidly emptying Guantanamo.

Emptying because the Bush administration is releasing some arbitrarily imprisoned people about whom they could not prove any trumped up terrorism charge.

Also on Bagram: here. And here.

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