Georgian Saakashvili critics flee from repression

This 2012 video is called Whistleblower: Saakashvili knew of torture in Georgia prison.

From Partisan News blog:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Georgian Journalist Seeks Asylum in S. Ossetia

Georgian opposition journalist Levan Gudadze and his family have fled Georgia and are seeking political asylum in Tskhinvali, the South Ossetian capital.

According to South Ossetian Foreign Minister Murat Dzhioev, Gudadze fled from Georgia on Thursday. The journalist fled Georgia because he had been receiving threats from Georgian authorities over his criticism of the Saakashvili Administration.

“Levan had three Tbilisi-based news websites, and they were shot down by the authorities one by one. He was called on the phone, sent threatening letters, so we decided to leave the country,” Roza Bichikashvili, Gudadze mother, said.

“Incidents like this have become more frequent lately,” South Ossetian human rights officer David Sanakoev said. “Many Georgian citizens are seeking ways to leave the country because of the tense situation in Georgia and the impossibility of continuing to live there.”

Naturally, the American media will ignore this because Saakashvili is a NATO puppet.

See also here.

A New York Times editorial attempts to portray the recent report by EU investigators, which found the Georgian government legally responsible for initiating the [South Ossetia] conflict, as a vindication of the newspaper’s own biased coverage in August 2008: here.

7 thoughts on “Georgian Saakashvili critics flee from repression

  1. Georgia Started War With Russia, EU Report Finds

    by The Associated Press

    September 30, 2009

    Georgia and Russia both claimed to find vindication in Wednesday’s independent report on the causes of their 2008 war, but neither seemed likely to be able to take the moral high ground because of its blunt judgments.

    The EU-sponsored report supports Russia’s insistence that Georgia launched the short but intense war with an indiscriminate rocket and artillery barrage on the separatist capital of South Ossetia — an act the commission said was not justifiable under international law.


  2. Die Tageszeitung 16.08.2008

    Ossetian literature academic, Shanna Chochiyeva, who teaches in Moscow, has harsh words for the politics of Georgian President Saakashvili: “How could we have known that the Georgians would suddenly take leave of their senses like this? Although the signs had been around for some time. For example, Saakashvili uses former dictator Sviad Gamsachurdia’s book, titled “Georgia’s Spiritual Mission”, as a teaching aid for the seminars he gives to his crazy chauvinists. This contains sentences such as: “There will come a time when the whole world speaks the Georgian language.” And in meetings Saakashvili ensures his followers that Georgia will save European civilisation. As far as I see it, these people are Nazis.”


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