Nigerian women protest against Shell

This video, recorded in Nigeria, is called The Case Against Shell: ‘The Hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa Showed the True Cost of Oil‘.

From AFP news agency today:

Shell shuts plant in Nigeria after women’s protest

LAGOS — Shell has shut down an oil facility in southern Nigeria due to protests by a group of local women, a company spokesman said Wednesday, after a similar demonstration targeted a Chevron pipeline.

“We were forced to shut down the Otumara-Escravos flowstation in Delta State because of a siege by some women from Ugborodo community,” Shell spokesman Precious Okolobo told AFP.

He said the Anglo-Dutch oil group had halted production at the facility, but refused to disclose the volume of oil affected.

Okolobo said the women claimed they were protesting against government’s neglect of their community. He said Shell had informed the government about the incident.

The incident came a week after a group of Ugborodo women blocked access to a Chevron natural gas pipeline to protest poor living conditions in their community.

They said they wanted Chevron to provide access to electricity and address damage to the environment, community leader Thomas Ereyitomi told AFP last week.

Oil and gas operations in Nigeria are often disrupted by communities demanding jobs and a fairer distribution of industry revenue, as well as protests against environmental degradation.

Shell, Nigeria’s biggest operator in the oil sector, produced an average of 629,000 barrels per day last year compared to 850,000 barrels in 2008.

Black Agenda Report on Nigeria and Oil Exploration: here.

UK banks ‘aided Nigeria corruption’: here.

AN ONGOING military offensive against militants in Nigeria’s oil-rich southern delta this week has killed as many as 150 people, a human rights activist charged today: here.

Nigerian soldiers stood accused today of launching a bloody offensive against civilians in the country’s oil-rich Niger Delta: here.

ICC Urged to Accept ‘Ecocide’ as an International Crime: here.

15 thoughts on “Nigerian women protest against Shell

  1. Cholera outbreak kills 352 since June

    Nigeria: A cholera epidemic has killed 352 people in three months, health officials announced on Wednesday.

    The country’s rainy season has continued to spread the water-born infection.

    And the Health Ministry revealed that the country has seen more than 6,400 cases of the disease since June.

    An outbreak in neighbouring Cameroon has killed 155 people out of 2,000 confirmed cases.


  2. Two police die in kidnap shoot-out

    Nigeria: Two policemen were killed on Wednesday in a shoot-out with guerillas in the oil-rich southern delta after the gunmen kidnapped the Indian headmaster of a local school.

    The gunmen escaped with Lakshmi Tombush, head of the Exxon Mobil-sponsored Pegasus school in Eket, where the regional HQ of the oil giant is based.


  3. Three-day pay strike begins

    NIGERIA: A three-day strike called by the Nigeria Labour Congress began today after last-ditch talks with the government broke down.

    Trade unions are pushing for the minimum wage to rise from 7,500 naira (£31) a month to 18,000 naira (£74.50).

    President Goodluck Jonathan pledged on May Day to implement the change in August, but he later backtracked.


  4. Walkout brings pay victory closer

    NIGERIA: Union confederations suspended a three-day warning strike today after President Goodluck Jonathan vowed that a new minimum-wage Bill would be forwarded to the National Assembly.

    Last year a committee comprising government, employers and labour stakeholders presented a report suggesting 18,000 naira (£74.50) a month as the new minimum wage, up from 7,500 naira (£31).

    But the government has since stalled and strikers who walked out on Wednesday demanded the immediate implementation of the rise.


  5. Gunmen kill 5 in assault on Moudi oilfield

    Thursday 18 November 2010

    Gunmen killed five soldiers and security contractors guarding an offshore oilfield in Cameroon on Tuesday night.

    The oilfield is operated by Anglo-French transnational Perenco SA.

    The attack was mounted at the Moudi oilfield off the Niger Delta, indicating that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) guerillas might have targeted the men.

    MEND has launched a series of new attacks in the Niger Delta in recent days, raiding two offshore oilfields and kidnapping at least 14 workers.

    But the Africa Marine Commando, an obscure group responsible for kidnappings in September and the previous March, claimed responsibility.

    Staff at the Moudi field and others operated by Perenco in partnership with Exxon Mobil, Kosmos Energy and Cameroon’s state-run oil company produce about 8,000 barrels of oil a day.


  6. Lead poisoning at emergency level

    NIGERIA: UN officials are warning that a lead poisoning outbreak that has killed more than 400 children in northern Nigeria has become “a neglected, underfunded emergency.”

    The report, released today, warns that the outbreak in Zamfara state remains an “alarming, continuing health risk” and says that tests conducted by UN officials in September and October found lead levels in the air as high as 500 times the standard limit.

    The outbreak began in March, when small-scale gold-mining operations in villages came across a vein of gold containing high levels of lead.


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