Nigerians protest against Shell oil pollution

This Amnesty International video from the Netherlands says about itself:

28 January 2010

Campaign video on the protest against the oil pollution in Nigeria caused by Shell. With a reaction from Celestine AkpoBari, community officer Social Action.

By Tife Owolabi:

August 11, 2017 / 12:13 PM

Protesters storm Shell crude flow station in Niger Delta

AKUKU-TORU, Nigeria (Reuters) – Hundreds of Nigerian protesters stormed a crude oil flow station owned by Shell in the restive Niger Delta on Friday demanding jobs and infrastructure development, a Reuters witness said.

The protesters complained they were not benefiting from oil production in their area, a common refrain in the impoverished swampland that produces most of Nigeria’s oil. They also demanded an end to oil pollution in the area.

Soldiers and security guards did not disperse the crowd as it entered the Belema Flow Station in Rivers State, which feeds oil into Shell‘s Bonny export terminal.

But the army sent reinforcements after protesters said they would stay at the facility for two weeks.

“I am a graduate for about eight years without a job,” said Anthony Bouye, one of the protest leaders. “Shell won’t employ me despite us having so much wealth in our backyard.” …

Militant attacks on oil facilities have largely stopped since the government started last year talks with community leaders to address grievances of poverty and lack of development in the neglected region.

But protests still flare as locals complain they do not benefit from the energy wealth, the dominant source of Nigerian government revenue.

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    Nigerian oil employees are threatening to strike December 18 unless the government brings indigenous and marginal field operators under control.

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